Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Guest Column: Stop! Thief!

Written by friend of the blog, and friend of the blogger, Jerry Gettinger.

Stop! Thief!

They are stealing from your children. I mean they are taking away an important item from your child. Why aren’t you angry? If you came home one night after seeing a movie and discovered that your new flat screen TV had been taken by a thief, you probably would be quite angry. You would be even angrier if you found out that the person who took the TV was the same person you asked to watch your house while you were out that evening.

In a manner of speaking, that is what is happening to your child. They are taking away his or her knowledge that they will most surely need when they have to compete against those whose parents didn’t allow anything to be taken from their children. Why have you allowed them to do what they said they would not do…take your children’s education away. Oh sure, the schools are still open. But they are rapidly becoming warehouses where young people go to spend a day trying to get the teacher’s attention because they didn’t have a solution to a problem. 35 kids in a kindergarten classroom! What a nightmare!

What did they do with the money that they took from our children? They gave some to a sheriff to use to defend his county against illegal immigrants. Oh, by the way, his county isn’t on the border. They also gave Sheriff Joe some of that money to rescue a dog. I’m not against dogs; it’s just that we need to get our priorities straight.

My children are grown. I had six and they all received a good education. It shows now that they are adults. They are able to compete for good jobs, they learned how to reason and arrive at conclusions that aid them in making decisions. Sure, I paid higher taxes. But they went to school with a pencil box and 4 pencils. Everything else was supplied.

Think about it. They have taken from your children an education, they have taken the ability to compete, and most of all, and they have stolen the ability to reason.

Why aren’t you angry? You elected these people to represent you and what they did was take from you and yours. Why aren’t you angry?

Somebody yell “stop thief!”


Phoenix Justice said...

We have been yelling, but here in Arizona, law enforcement doesn't seem to care. Hell, law enforcement is part of the problem.

Thane Eichenauer said...

When government conspires to use the power it has been granted to carry out a campaign of harassment of people who are obeying the golden rule then strife and poverty are certain to result.

Anonymous said...

glad to hear that you also think az gov't is corrupt