Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Not-so-surprising breaking news: Bundgaard out as AZ Senate majority leader

From the Arizona Capitol Times' Luige del Puerto -
Embattled Sen. Scott Bundgaard was removed from his position as Senate Majority Leader during a closed-door meeting with colleagues on Tuesday morning.

The Republican caucus, however, hasn’t yet selected a new leader.
While the article goes on to state that the Rs need to choose a new leader soon, the reality is that the real "leader" of the R caucus in the Senate in Russell Pearce, the President of the Senate.  I'm oversimplifying this a little, but just a little - in both the AZ House and the AZ Senate, the "majority" leader is more the assistant to the Speaker and President, respectively, than an actual "leader."

This was obviously coming, and speculation has been rampant over who the next R "leader" will be.

Initially, I believed that Sen. Ron Gould (R-Confederate Flag) was angling for the spot, but the Arizona Guardian has a story up saying that he isn't running.

Your guess is as good as mine where they are going to go with their choice for this rather symbolic job, but I feel safe in predicting that the direction won't be toward the middle.

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just jen said...

I'd wager it's anyone who seems like a young lap dog for Pearce. If Melvin were twenty years younger, he'd have my vote for sure.