Sunday, March 06, 2011

New AZ campaign contribution limits

The Arizona Secretary of State's office has formulated new campaign contribution limits for statewide, legislative and local campaigns.  These are valid for the 2011 - 2012 election cycle for Arizona races.  Races for Federal offices have their own limits, published by the Federal Election Commission.

The limits are set under ARS 16-905.  While the limits were specifically set in the statute initially, paragraph H of the statute creates a mechanism for biennial adjustments.

The new AZ limits -

Individual contributions to a candidate:

Local - $430
Legislative - $424
Statewide -  $872

Political committee contributions to a candidate:

Local - $430
Legislative - $424
Statewide - $872

Committees certified by the AZSOS as "SuperPACs":

Local - $2170
Legislative - $1736
Statewide - $4352

Combined total from all political committees other than political parties:

Local - $10880
Legislative - $14032
Statewide - $86952

Nominee's total from political party and all political organizations combined:

Local - $10880
Legislative - $8704
Statewide - $86952

Total contributed by an individual to candidates and committees who give to candidates:

$6100 per calendar year

The new federal limits are here.

While I won't list them all, the important one for most readers is the individual contribution limit to a candidate - $2500, for each of the primary election and for the general election ($5000 total).


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