Friday, December 31, 2010

Arizona: Finally #1, I think...

While we are the worst, or one of the worst, states in terms of our support for education (depending what metric is used), and are near the bottom in many other areas - poverty, children without health insurance, percentage of Arizonans who are incarcerated (where a higher number is bad), etc. - as far as a can tell, we are number one in one area.

We seem to be the first state with a lawsuit over 2012 redistricting!!  We beat even Texas*!!  Whoooo hooooo!!!!

{Wiping away tears of joy} I'm so proud...

* = To be fair to Texas, they're still cleaning up after the last redistricting process.  I'm sure once they can focus on the present, they'll be back hard at work, screwing up their future.

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Eli Blake said...

Actually, I heard someplace that Arizona already IS #1 in tax $ spent per capita on litigation (including state, county and local legal bills.)

Probably because our legislature passes so much stuff that requires a Constitutional challenge.

I wonder about this too: Since they are suing a state panel we the taxpayers are paying to defend the panel. But, are we also paying for their suit? Are taxpayers paying both sides of this litigation?