Friday, December 10, 2010

ADP Chair race: Cherny close to announcing

Sources close to Andrei Cherny say that he is likely to officially announce that he will be a candidate for the chairmanship of the Arizona Democratic Party when it meets in January for it biennial reorganization meeting.

Cherny was the Democratic nominee for Arizona State Treasurer this year and he has been an Assistant Ariizona Attorney General, White House adviser/economic policy wonk, author, and officer in the United States Naval Reserve.

Assuming the sources are correct, Cherny will join Rodney Glassman (subscription needed) and (sort of*) Don Bivens in the race for the chairmanship.

* - At the meeting of the ADP's state committee in November, Bivens "sort of" announced his candidacy for reelection.  However, many observers at the time thought that the announcement was intended to fend off fringe candidacies.

If so, it seems to have worked so far - haven't heard of any fringe candidates yet.

Tedski at R-Cubed has his take on the race in this post from November.


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