Saturday, November 06, 2010

Russell Pearce showing his eloquence and poise in the face of dissension

Thanks go out to Stephen Lemons of the Phoenix New Times for the heads-up on this video of Pearce's response when he was confronted by a supporter of the DREAM Act.

In summary:  Pearce has nothing more than bumper sticker slogans to buttress his nativist ideology.  The man loves to spout "the rule of law!" when talking about oppressing people with brown skin (as he does in the above video), but when dealing with well-connected white people, DUI convictions are just minor details, and should be removed from the driver's record.

Something tells me that I'm going to have a lot to write about over the next two years...

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me said...

The most telling thing he said: "I don't make the law, I enforce the law." No. He doesn't make the law. CCA does that for him.