Saturday, October 09, 2010

Maybe it's a *little* too early to pronounce "apathy" as the winner in the elections

A week and a half ago, I wrote a post bemoaning the fact that apathy seems to be the ascendant political ideology among Arizona's electorate, based on the fact that a large number of school board races were cancelled to due a lack of competition or even candidates in some cases.

Well, on Friday and Saturday, I found evidence that some people *do* care.

Site traffic on this blog has spiked with the arrival of early ballots in mailboxes across the county, today rising 800% over last Saturday's traffic (which was already elevated slightly due to normal election-year activity).  The vast majority of the traffic was from internet searches looking for information regarding the race for the Central Arizona Water Conservation District (CAWCD).

That race may be one of the lowest profile races on Maricopa County ballots this year, but it is heartening to see that some people care enough to research it before casting their ballots.

Apathy may be ascendant right now, but it isn't victorious yet.

A previous post regarding the Arizona Republic's endorsements in the race is here; a more general post on all of the candidates is here.  Note: one candidate, Joe Hobbs, has withdrawn from the race.

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