Sunday, August 22, 2010

Central Arizona Project Board of Directors* - 15 candidates, 5 seats available

* = On the ballot, the CAP Board will be listed as the "Central Arizona Water Conservation District."

In a year when many school board races aren't races at all because they have just enough candidates to fill the open spots on the boards (and many other entities, like local fire boards, don't have enough candidates to even fill the open seats; full candidate listing here), the CAWCD has 15 candidates for 5 seats, or three candidates for every single opening.

For a position that is extremely low-profile and unpaid, that is a lot of interest.

There are 15 members of the board, serving six year terms, staggered in such a way that five seats are up every two years.  Ten members are from Maricopa County and five are from the other counties that receive water through the Central Arizona Project.  2010 is a "Maricopa County" year.

It's probably too early for a full post listing each candidate's background and qualifications, but here is a brief listing of each candidate (Shaun McKinnon of the Arizona Republic also has a brief rundown here) -

Note: campaign websites were included when I could easily find them, but considering that most of the candidates are running as "$500 Threshold Exemption" candidates, the dearth of campaign websites isn't surprising.

Tim Bray of Scottsdale - an incumbent with a background in real estate

TC Bundy of Glendale, a business "consultant" (in quotes because that is such an amorphous word that it is meaningless)

Frank Fairbanks of Phoenix, the now-retired longtime Phoenix City Manager

Joseph Hobbs of Avondale, a telephone company employee/consultant and former candidate for Arizona Corporation Commission, running on an anti-government platform.

Jim Holway of Phoenix, campaign website here.  Long experience in water resources management and urban planning.

Raymond Johnson of Glendale, lousy name for a Google search.  He's an insurance broker, according to his campaign paperwork.

Ray Jones of Phoenix, a self-employed "consultant".  I think he is a professional engineer working in the area of water resources, but I'm not sure.  He used to be the president of Arizona American Water (personal note: given the mess that AZAmWater has created in Scottsdale and elsewhere in this state, his ties to that company alone disqualify him from receiving my vote.)

Arif Kazmi of Chandler, campaign website here.  A career professional engineer with wide experience in water resources and water projects.

Karl Kohlhoff of Gilbert, a water consultant and member of the Planning Commission for the Town of Gilbert.

Mark Lewis of Scottsdale, an incumbent.  He lists his occupation as Executive Director of the Water Resources Institute LLC, but while I can find evidence of a company by that name lobbying the legislature, I cannot find any records with the ACC or Secretary of State indicating that the organization was established in Arizona.

Cynthia Moulton of Phoenix.  She's retired (from what I do not know) and is a Tea Partier.

Brian Munson of Scottsdale, a manager for ASARCO, a mining company with a long and "colorful" history in the southwestern U.S.

John Rosado of Peoria, campaign website here, a retiree who is also running for the Peoria Unified School District board.  Running on an anti-enviroment/education platform (depending on the office he is talking about).

Sid Wilson of Phoenix, the former General Manager of CAWCD.

Andy Yates of Scottsdale, a small business owner.  Has the resume of a Republican operative/future candidate paying his dues.  I'm guessing here, but he seems to intend this as just a stepping-stone.

Since water is the single most important issue impacting Arizona's future (no matter what the Russell Pearces and Jan Brewers of the state say about stopping immigrants), this race merits close attention.



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