Monday, September 13, 2010

May out of LD17 race

One of the masterminds of the rash of faux-Green candidacies in close races, Steve May, has withdrawn from the race for a House seat from LD17 (Tempe and south Scottsdale).

From the Arizona Capitol Times -
Former lawmaker Steve May announced Sept. 13 he is terminating his campaign for the House in Legislative District 17.


May issued a written statement Sept. 13 about the termination of his campaign. It doesn’t give specific reasons for withdrawing, but says his pursuit of public office as a write-in helped him come to the conclusion that he is personally not ready to hold office again.

“This unique experiment in democracy has also raised my own awareness, and helped me see clearly that personal and political timing must align for a campaign to truly be successful,” May wrote. “I spoke about the need for honest leadership, and I have determined the necessary personal alignment does not exist to continue the campaign.”
Let me translate that quote into simple English.

He's saying he needs to get his s**t together before running for office again.

May's withdrawal from the race comes as a surprise, but perhaps it shouldn't - he was blasted in an Arizona Republic editorial on the faux-Green controversy that was published this weekend and looked *really* bad in an Arizona Capitol Times piece where he admitted to a reporter that he operated his Segway while under the influence, boasted about writing the section of Arizona law that exempted Segways from DUI statutes, and flipped off Tempe police officers who stopped him for operating his Segway while intoxicated.

He's got a lot of s**t to get together.

May is listed as "withdrawn late" so his name may still be on the November ballot.  A call to the Secretary of State's office to clarify that matter went unanswered (actually, I reached an operator, asked for someone who could answer a media inquiry, was transferred to hold, and was eventually disconnected without talking to another person or even having a chance to leave a message.

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Thane Eichenauer said...

I didn't see that coming. I wish Steve May good luck in his future endeavors. Alcohol is certainly a challenge to many.

cpmaz said...

It was a surprise to most observers, including me.

While as a Democratic activist, I'm happy to see May leave the race and hope that he never bothers us again, as a human being I also hope he can successfully deal with whatever issues he faces.

If alcohol/addiction is one of those issues (and it seems to be), well, he isn't the first person whose life has been messed up by it, and he won't be the last.

As somebody who grew up around many people who had their issues with booze, I know enough about the pain that it causes to not wish it on anybody, not even people I don't like.