Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jim Holway, candidate for CAWCD

In Arizona and across the country, the two most important issues on voters' minds this fall are the kitchen table issues of education and jobs.  They want to have a sense of security about their presents and futures (and those of their children) and will cast their votes for candidates that they think will work to enhance education and fix the economy.

However, this being Arizona, a third item should be added to that list.


Without it, there won't be many people here to benefit from the education system.  Of course, since there won't be any people here to sustain the economy because people follow jobs as much as or more than jobs follow people, there won't be any need to strengthen Arizona's education system.

Because of that, the need for a sustainable supply of clean water, the most important office that almost no one has ever heard of is the Central Arizona Water Conservation District (CAWCD).  The members of CAWCD serve as the board of directors of the Central Arizona Project (CAP).  CAP oversees and handles the delivery of Colorado River water to central Arizona (aka - metro Phoenix) and Tucson.

CAWCD, while a low-visibility office, is one that is vital to the long-term viability of Arizona economically and socially, and it is an office where we need elect the most qualified and knowledgeable candidates.

This is the first in a series of posts about some of the candidates in this year's race.

First up:  Jim Holway, a retired water resources manager and educator, and a long-time community activist and leader. 

From an email -


Jim Holway

Elect Experienced & Responsible Leadership

Over 20 Years of Water Management Experience:

Arizona Department of Water Resources, Assistant Director

ASU Professor, Water Policy and Sustainability

ASU Coordinator, Arizona Water Institute

Director, Western Lands and Communities Program, Sonoran Institute

Community Leadership:

Phoenix Parks Board, 9 years; Chair for 2 years

Papago Park Ad Hoc Advisory Committee, Chairperson, 3 years

Arizona Town Hall Research Committee, 2 years

Trust for Public Land, Arizona Advisory Council, 4 years

Arizona Heritage Alliance, Board of Directors, 3 years

Governor’s Growing Smarter Oversight Council, 4 years


PhD Regional Planning, University of North Carolina

BA Political Science, Cornell University

Jim’s experience and leadership skills will help Arizonans to plan and invest for an affordable and sustainable water future.

What is CAWCD?

The Central Arizona Water Conservation District operates the Central Arizona Project, bringing Colorado River water 336 miles across the desert from Lake Havasu through Phoenix to south of Tucson. CAWCD operates the canal system, pumping plants, and the Navajo generating station. The power required to deliver CAP water makes CAWCD the single largest user of electricity in the State of Arizona.

The CAWCD Board is comprised of 15 members from Maricopa, Pinal and Pima counties, each serving a 6 year term. Maricopa County voters will elect 5 board members on November 2, 2010.

Key issues facing the CAWCD Board include:

Promoting efficient operations and wise water use

Securing the next “bucket” of water to supply Central Arizona

Preparing for drought and the potential for more severe future droughts

Maintaining healthy ecosystems and water quality in the Colorado River Basin

Representing Arizona in multi-state and international negotiations

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http://www.jimholway.com/  HolwayforCAWCD@gmail.com

Please Vote November 2, 2010

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