Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Candidate appearances this week: Mine Inspector edition

Earlier this week, I sent an email to the various Democratic campaigns for statewide offices, offering to post their candidates' appearances for the upcoming week. 

The first to respond was the campaign for Manny Cruz, Democratic nominee for State Mine Inspector.  Here's the list of public events:

Wednesday 9/8 - Yuma Democratic HQ Grand Opening - 6 to 9pm - 2450 S. 4th Ave. #15, ground level, Crescent Center, Yuma, AZ

Saturday 9/11 - Navajo Nation Parade - Window Rock, AZ - 9am to 1pm

Other stops in Manny's quest to become Arizona State Mine Inspector can be found here, on his campaign website's calendar page (caveat: some of the events listed there may not be open to the public, such as the Mine Safety Professionals' meeting).


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