Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Witch Hunt Begins...

...and apparently, Utah is trying to bump Arizona off the top of the list of "places most friendly to nativists" because the witch hunt is starting there...

From the story on -
Advocates of tougher immigration enforcement joined civil rights activists in condemning circulation this week of a list of alleged illegal immigrants to Utah state agencies and news organizations, saying it sent the wrong message to violate privacy laws in seeking to enforce immigration laws.

The 30-page document included addresses, phone numbers and birthdates for about 1,300 people it said were in the country illegally. Some of the names — almost all of which were of Latino origin — also were accompanied by Social Security numbers and medical information, such as “baby due 4/4/10.”

A cover letter demanded that the people on the list be “deported immediately” with a call to “DO YOUR JOB AND STOP MAKING EXCUSES! WE DEMAND ACTION.” It identified the senders as Concerned Citizens of the United States, a previously unknown group.
The news isn't all bad, not yet anyway.  So far, major news outlets have refused to publicize the list. (Note:  I frequently pick on the MSM for many things, but on this one, they have my respect)

However, the possibility that the list could be publicized has people of Hispanic descent in Utah, including those who are there legally (or are even citizens) absolutely terrorized.

Which was likely the idea behind the list's creation and release.

There's no doubt that crossing the border into the US without proper documentation is illegal, but this is evil.

And no matter what Russell Pearce, Jan Brewer, and their supporters say, "evil" is far worse than "illegal."

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