Thursday, July 15, 2010

Republican mayor says U.S. in a civil war

...While the neo-Nazi Mexican hunting squads "patriotic citizen anti-immigrant patrols" may not have made it to the area around Yuma as yet, Yuma is a lot closer than Fort Sumter.  Maybe MCAS-Yuma should be on alert...

From the Yuma Sun -
Yuma mayor at immigration forum: SB 1070 has created a civil war

America is in a civil war, said Yuma Mayor Al Krieger ­— and it's over SB 1070.

At an immigration forum Tuesday evening, Krieger and other panelists discussed the controversial law that will go into effect July 29. The law would make it a state crime to be in the country illegally, enforced by local law enforcement, a job currently done by federal law enforcement.


Krieger said the definition of a civil war is when the states and federal governments differ (in opinion). “So we basically have an undeclared civil war today.”

Krieger apparently has confused "civil actions" with "civil wars".

Civil actions - the lawyers get thousands of billable hours

Civil wars - the morgues get thousands of dead people

Guess which one is going on right now?

Of course, perhaps this all should be taken with a grain a salt.

This is the same Mayor Al Krieger who used a speech given on Memorial Day. a day to honor fallen members of America's military branches, to deride gay members of the military as "lacy-drawered" and "limp-wristed." 

It could be that Krieger is just a loud-mouthed bigot looking to get attention any way that he can, and has found that spouting incendiary statements brings that attention to him.

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