Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Jawdropper of the day

I don't normally counter-post something that an R blogger has put up, and I certainly don't publicize R campaign events, but this one is a press release and it features a combination of performers that is so stunning that it merits a post of its own.

The press release for this event was originally published by the R blog Sonoran Alliance here.

My first thought upon seeing this was "whatthehell does Joe Arpaio have to do with education?"*

* = OK, he probably thinks that the fact that there are still people in the county who don't worship the ground he walks on is evidence that there is *too much* education in Arizona, but other than that, he doesn't appear to have any ties to the education system in Arizona.

Of course, Thursday's forum is probably less about "education" and more about "winning the Republican primary".  Huppenthal spent most of the last eight years in the state senate working to weaken the state's education system, and nothing about his embrace of Arpaio indicates that he is interested in fixing what he helped to break.

Of course, I'm just a cynic...

BTW - Normally, I don't bother attending R events, but this one should be fascinating in a "train wreck" sort of way...


Dry Heat Democrat said...

This would have been interesting to check out, but overall I'm not sorry I missed it.

cpmaz said...

I missed it too, and I'm a little sorry (it was in my city only a few miles from me), but not much. It was relatively short notice and I had other things going on that I couldn't wrap up quickly enough to have the time to attend the event.

Huppenthal is going to have another "education forum" on Monday in Mesa.

This time with Russell Pearce.

That one I've been planning on attending for two weeks.