Monday, June 14, 2010

McCain moving farther right as the campaign wears on

To follow up on his joining JD Hayworth on the nativist train, now McCain is partying with noted anti-Semites.
Pics courtesy Blue Virginia -
The highlight here is the name of one of the "hosts," Fred Malek.
Many years ago, Malek was an operative in the Nixon-era White House. One of his more eye-opening raisons d'etre while there was to count (and purge?) Jewish employees of the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
The appearance with Malek isn't much of a surprise - Malek was a big part of McCain's unsuccessful bid for the Presidency. Still, this move, drinking for dollars with noted anti-Semites like Malek (as well as Governor Bob "slavery wasn't part of the Confederacy" McDonnell), only serves to remind voters that McCain has far more in common with J.D. "worship Nazi Henry Ford" Hayworth than he has to separate himself from Hayworth.
Washington Post coverage of the fundraiser (taking place in just a few hours) here.


denny said...

Wow a guy that was involved in something 40 years ago.. Really?

frankie said...

This race is all but over. I love the stuff JD side is coming up with now. Its comical!

eve said...

JD is moving father and farther out of the race as it goes on.

cpmaz said...

Yay. This blog has been discovered by a McCain operative.

Sir/Ma'am/Whatever you are:

The traffic here isn't high, and many of the readers don't always agree with what I write, but they are easily smart enough to spot planted comments.

Not going to delete the comments (they aren't spam trying to drive traffic to Asian porn sites, or something even worse) but I will ask that you ramp up your creativity and subtlety.