Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Candidate challenges: updates

Update to the update at the end of the post...

There were a number of challenges to state-level candidates filed last week, and they are starting to be heard in court.

The complete list of challenges, from the Secretary of State's office, here.

Going down the list -

Tom Gordon, GOP candidate for Governor - withdrawn

Joe Penalosa, GOP candidate in CD4, challenged by another GOP candidate - challenge overruled. He will appear on the primary ballot. Coverage from the Phoenix New Times here.

Anna Maria Brennan, GOP candidate for state senate in LD11 - withdrawn.

John Kowalski, GOP House candidate in LD6 - hearing scheduled for Thursday.

William Wallace, Democratic House candidate in LD26 - hearing scheduled for today, then rescheduled for tomorrow. A call to the number on his website brought forth a statement that he is withdrawing from the race.

Augustus Shaw, GOP House candidate in LD17. Hearing scheduled for Thursday. Said he was thinking of withdrawing before vowing to fight the good fight. Grab some popcorn for this one.

Bob Thomas, GOP Senate candidate in LD15 - hearing scheduled for Thursday.

Anthony Goshorn, Green House candidate in LD17 - hearing scheduled for Thursday.

W. John Williamson, Democratic House candidate in LD8 - hearing scheduled for Friday.

Sharon Spane, Democratic House candidate in LD21 - hearing scheduled for Thursday.

John Huppenthal, GOP candidate for State Superintendent of Public Instruction - hearing scheduled for Friday. He will probably stretch this out to the very end, but his credibility as a candidate for the state's top educator is cratering. More popcorn for this one. Lots more.

Scott Bergren, GOP House candidate in LD21 - withdrawn.

Joseph Sweeney, GOP Congressional candidate in CD7 - hearing scheduled for Thursday.

Larry Gist, Green candidate for Governor - hearing scheduled for Wednesday.

Manuel Cruz, Democratic candidate for State Mine Inspector - hearing scheduled for next Monday.

Dave Ewoldt, Independent State Senate candidate in LD28. This one is in Pima County Superior Court, and I couldn't find any info online.

Complete list of withdrawn/removed candidates, courtesy the AZSOS' website, here; write-in candidates here.

More updates as they become available...

Note: I attempted to link to the actual case info where possible from the Maricopa County Superior Court's website, but apparently their website isn't designed with static addresses for their online documents. Apologies.

Edit to update the update: W. John Williamson, Democrat in LD8, has withdrawn; the cases against Larry Gist, Green candidate for Governor, and Manuel Cruz, Democratic candidate for Mine Inspector, have been dismissed and those candidates will be on the ballot.

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