Sunday, May 30, 2010

Supporters of SB1070 showing their true colors

From -
Rallies were held for supporters on both sides of Arizona's immigration law on Saturday. The "National Day of Action against SB 1070" rally took place in downtown Phoenix Saturday morning. And the "Stand with Arizona" pro-SB 1070 rally was held at Tempe's Diablo Stadium Saturday evening.

Both events were peacful, passionate gatherings of like-minded individuals in support of their respective positions. However, a few supporters of Arizona's new immigration law were also on-hand at the anti-SB 1070 rally.

Two men carrying loaded weapons and waiving a confederate flag said they were there to support SB 1070. One man was carrying a loaded shotgun and wearing a White People's Party shirt. The other said he was a big fan of Hitler, calling him a "great White civil rights leader."

The video at the story link shows that the vocal fan of Hitler quoted in the story is someone familiar most readers of this blog - J.T. Ready, neo-Nazi and friend of the author of SB1070, Russell Pearce.


mike said...

define 'friend'? Do they hang out together or what? Do they just 'know' each other?

cpmaz said...

Mike -

I don't know if they "hang out" together, but they have been photographed together (check the article linked to the word "friend") and they run in the same neo-Nazi/nativist/white supremacist circles.

And though they always take care not to be photographed together any longer, they are frequently at the same events.

I don't know if they are 'best buddies' or anything that strong, but the evidence is clear - their relationship is stonger than simply 'knowing' each other.