Monday, May 17, 2010

Quick update - early signature filers

Nominating petitions aren't due until next Wednesday, but they are already rolling in across the Valley and across the state.

From a phone conversation with Carolyn Jagger, City Clerk of Scottsdale, the list of candidates for city council who have submitted their petitions already -

Joe Penalosa
Bob Littlefield (incumbent)
Tony Nelssen (incumbent)
Guy Phillips
Ned O'Hearn (former councilman)

Statewide and federal offices, courtesy the AZ Secretary of State's website,

U.S. Senate - Jim Deakin and J.D. Hayworth (both Rs)

U.S. Congress, CD1 - Bradley Beauchamp (R)

CD2 - Trent Franks (R)

CD3 - Steve Moak, Ed Winkler, Jim Waring (all Rs)

CD4 - Ed Pastor (D)

CD5 - Susan Bitter Smith and David Schweikert (Rs)

CD6 - Jeff Smith (R)
CD7 - Ruth McClung (R)

CD8 - Jesse Kelly (R)

Arizona Governor - Terry Goddard (D), Ron Cavanagh and Bruce Olsen (Ls), Jan Brewer, John Munger and Matthew Jette (Rs)

Arizona Secretary of State - Sam Wercinski (D) and Ken Bennett (R)

Arizona Attorney General - Felecia Rotellini (D), Tom Horne and Andrew Thomas (Rs)

Arizona Treasurer - Doug Ducey, Barbara Leff, and Thayer Verschoor (Rs)

Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction - Margaret Dugan and John Huppenthal (Rs)

Arizona Corporation Commission - David Bradley and Jorge Luis Garcia (Ds), Brenda Burns, Gary Pierce, and Barry Wong (Rs)

I've got an email out to the Maricopa County Elections Department inquiring after similar info for the county-wide offices up this time around (county attorney and the governing board of the Central Arizona Project), but they haven't replied as of this writing. I'll update when that info becomes available.


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