Friday, April 30, 2010

Good news, bad news

Today was one of those days, every piece of good news was accompanied by a piece of bad news...

Good news: The Arizona legislature has adjourned sine die. It'll be another eight months (at least) before the Republicans' next all-out assault on the 4th Amendment in the name of ethnic purity "border security".

Bad news: There may be yet another special session later this year to deal with budget issues, especially if one or more budget-related referenda fail at the ballot box (sales tax hike in may, overrides of Voter Protection Act protections on voter-mandated spending in November).

Good news: It looks like Joe Arpaio will run for governor. As such, he will have to resign as Maricopa County Sheriff. Note: Arpaio says that the report saying that he will definitely run is "just speculation."

Bad news: The possibility of "Governor Arpaio."

Good news: The MLBPA (Major League Baseball Players Association) has noticed and come out strongly against Arizona's new anti-immigrant law.

Bad news: This could be the first step in Phoenix losing the 2011 baseball All-Star Game.


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