Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The end is near...

...the end of the legislative session, that is.

Steve Farley (D-LD28) sent out his weekly update on Tuesday, and in it he indicated the possibility that the Rs will "sine die" (final adjournment) the regular session of the lege as soon as this week.

That doesn't seem likely, at least not this week, but most expectations at the Capitol, at least those of my sources, center on the end of April for sine die.

Another indication that sine die won't happen this week is that the Senate Finance Committee's scheduled consideration of the Rs' corporate tax cut bill, HB2250, has been moved from tomorrow to next Monday.

Also, most pending committee agendas have been revised as the end of session scramble ensues. Any legislator with active bills still pending is using every trick known to them to get those bills heard in committee and on the floor as soon as possible. Given the length of some of the new agendas, look for a real push to sine die by the end of the week after next, if not next week.

Finally, Third Read (aka - "final passage") calendars are also getting longer.

Wednesday's calendar in the House has 12 items on it; the Senate has a 10-item "consent" Third Read calendar on tap.

Note: in this context, "consent" means that the bills are unchanged since their introduction, and can bypass Committee of the Whole (COW) consideration.

The bottom line is that while final adjournment as soon as this week seems unlikely (though anything is possible with this bunch), it is imminent.


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