Friday, March 19, 2010

Thank you Harry!!

A very good note to end the week on...

From -
Arizona Congressman Harry Mitchell, one of the final holdouts on the health care reform bill, announced Friday that he'll support the package.

Mitchell cited proposed fixes for the Senate-passed legislation that would help Arizona. The Democrat represents a Republican-leaning suburban congressional district centered on Scottsdale and Tempe.
Here I was, all set to write a "it's time for D.C. Dems to grow a spine and pass health care reform already" rant, hoping to help push a few wavering Dems into the "yes" column, and I come home to read the above news.

You know, as much as I like ranting, I like being deeply proud of my Congressman even more. :)

Whooo hoooo!!


The Turley Times said...
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tempe turley said...

Great news. Just so you know, Harry Mitchell heard from me as well thanks to your prodding. I've been following this health care debate for a while, this is a huge step forward to a much saner health care system in our country. I hope that we'll see a lot more progress in this arena going forward.

Thane Eichenauer said...

And where does Mitchell propose to pay for all the goodness? More taxes and more borrowing. There is a breaking point folks. The government can only buy so many guns and bombs and new government health care enforcement staff before the bubble pops on the US economy.

cpmaz said...

TT - Thanks for letting Harry know how you feel on this issue. The bottom line is that while the current HCR package isn't that good, it's better than the status quo. It's also a start, which may be the most important thing - all of the earlier attempts at HCR failed to get off the ground. With a start, we (and future generations) can look at what works and doesn't work and adjust it.

Thane - we are going to disagree on this one. I admire your consistency (and that isn't a back-handed compliment) on government spending, but on this subject I think you are both wrong and in the minority.