Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Republicans blaming Democrats for vandalism and threats

The pic of the shattered door at Congresswoman Giffords office is courtesy Blog for Arizona.
The Arizona Star has a story up quoting Tucson Tea Party leader Trent Humphries insinuating that Democrats have been the ones shouting epithets at their own members and vandalizing their own offices.
From the story -

"If those events happened, it had nothing to do with my group,” said organizer Trent Humphries, noting his group has held many demonstrations over the past year. “We haven’t had anything like that happen and I defy anyone to tell me any different.”

Humphries said for all he knows, the accusations didn’t even happen, or might even be traced back to a Democratic operative. “I’m not going to accuse them of wrongdoing, but if they’re accusing us, they’d better be offering proof.”

A loose coalition of varied beliefs, Humphries also said, “We can’t be responsible for every sign that goes up at every protest.”
The police will be able to find out if Mr. Humphries' speculation about a "Democratic operative" being behind some of the more vicious incidents of the last few days.
From a Yellow Sheet Report piece (no link as it is behind a subscriber firewall) -

...Mitchell aide Robbie Sherwood said the congressman’s Scottsdale office has also been bombarded with “menacing or threatening callers,” one of whom apparently voiced a death threat against Mitchell last Tuesday. Capitol Police in D.C., per protocol, were made aware of the threat and have received the caller’s phone number that popped up on the office’s caller ID feature...
Nor have Mitchell and Giffords (and the African-American and gay members of Congress) been the only folks to be subject to threats, vandalism, and epithets in recent days. Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-NY) has been threatened and had her office vandalized and Democratic Party offices across the country have been similarly attacked (Kansas, Ohio) and all members who voted for HCR have been threatened with "drawing and quartering" (a particularly gruesome way to kill someone).
According to most of the reports, in each incident, the local police, U.S. Capitol Police, and/or the FBI are looking into the incidents (depending on which agencies have jurisdiction).
Something tells me that this summer is going to be long, hot, and filled with similar incidents.
Stay tuned...

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