Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Payday loan industry DOA

...For now, anyway.

I missed the end of the Senate Appropiations meeting, but according to an article from YourWestValley.com and a couple of Facebook updates, the measure failed in committee today by a 3 - 5 vote.

It could be brought back later via another striker, so it won't be completely dead until the end of the legislative session. However, it's an election year, and all members of the lege are up for reelection in November and very few want to be viewed as someone who thwarted the will of the voters on this topic.

So for now, enjoy this small victory, perhaps the only one the average Arizonan will see until the November elections when they'll have the opportunity throw out the ideologues who have worked so diligently to undermine Arizona's future.


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