Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More hypocrites running for lege

The Arizona Republic's website has a story up about a member of the Peoria Unified School District Governing Board opposing the temporary sales tax hike question on the ballot in a May special election.

In fact, she is so opposed to it, in spite of the fact that if it fails, PUSD will have to cut another $15 million from its annual budget (on top of existing cuts of $21 million), that she is the treasurer of axthetax.com, the primary political committee formed to oppose the ballot question.

From the article -

Parents are expressing concern and disappointment towards Peoria Unified School District board member Diane Douglas over her opposition to a one-cent sales tax increase as part of axthetax.com.

The district has said it would face a $15 million shortfall should the tax be rejected at the ballot box May 18.

Note: there is one error in the Rep's piece - her group is AxthetaxAZ.com.

The hypocritical part isn't just how as a school board member, elected to guide and advocate for the public schools in her district, she is actively opposing adequate funding for those schools, but in how as a candidate for State House of Representatives, she is stressing her experience as a school board member. (Her campaign website is at dianedouglas.com, but I won't like to it. Use Google.)

...Oh, wait - that part isn't really hypocritical either. She spends all of her time talking about "fiscal responsibility," not "improved education."

So where's the hypocrisy?

Her lege campaign committee (filer ID 201000152) is seeking public funding via Clean Elections. Her website includes a page asking people to send her CE fives.

Fighting against adequate funding for public schools while holding out her hand for public funding of her candidacy for legislature?

Now that's the sort of breathtaking hypocrisy that shows that if she actually wins a seat in the lege, she'll fit right in with the rest of the Republican caucus on West Washington.

BTW - On her website, she touts the endorsements of folks like Joe Arpaio, Andrey Thomas, and Jim Weiers. Even without the stuff listed above, those endorsements alone show that she is unfit for a move to the lege.

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