Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Live Blogging the Senate floor session, March 16

3:07 - Committee announcements. No Third Read, no ban on texting while driving. Off to Appropriations.

3:06 - End COW.

3:04 - SB1375, regarding contactor payments. Passes COW with some minor amendments.

3:00 - SB1330, deregulating "commercial" fireworks, retained on the calendar (held for future consideration).

2:57 - First up: SB1200, creating a commission to make recommendations concerning appointments to the Game and Fish Commission. SB1200 passes COW.

2:53 - Regular session. Entering COW, chaired by Cap'n Al Melvin.

2:51 - Senate adjourning sine die. Now all we need is for the governor to sign the abomination that they just finished passing for the lawsuits to begin.

2:35 - Recessing regular session, preparing to go back into special session in order to adjourn it sine die.

2:30 - Entering regular session for some housekeeping kind of stuff.

2:22 - Senate in recess, waiting to adjourn the special session sine die.

2:21 - Passes 17 - 13, all Ds and R Jay Tibshraeny voting no.

2:20 - Carolyn Allen is now excoriating FTF.

2:17 - Gray is blaming FTF for the R's destruction of KidsCare.

2:16 - Now it's Linda Gray's turn. At least she is a little more on point with her comments.

2:12 - Allen still going on with a mish-mash of economic theory, statistics, and radical right ideology. Now talking about the federal budget.

2:11 - Sylvia Allen calls today an illustration of "why socialism doesn't work". I'm not kidding.

2:06 - Rios is criticizing the measure, calling it "offensive", and thinks it will be defeated, votes No.

2:04 - Huppenthal, the man who would be in charge of educating Arizona's children, expresses reservations about the resolution, but votes for it anyway.

2:01 - Sen. Linda Lopez calls the R's budget "stealing" money from children. Gould rises to complain about First Things First because he feels that they have too many employees.

2:01 - My opinion: The lege wants to take money dedicated to early childhood health care and education, and use it to pay for corporate tax cuts.

1:56 - Voting now. It's going to pass, earlier info notwithstanding. Thus far, the only R vote against is Tibshraeny, the former (and future?) mayor of Chandler.

1:55 - HCR20o1 being substituted for the identical SCR1001.

1:47 - Senator Landrum Taylor introducing a number of guests in the gallery who are from the PAFCO coalition, here to express opposition to the lege's inhumane budget (my term, not theirs).

1:43 - Senate gavelled into special session - 30 present.

1:39 - They have a short third read (final passage) agenda for the day - 1 item. SB1334, banning texting while driving. Again. Have no idea if it will pass this time.

1:35 - The 10-minute bell just sounded, and there are a few senators milling around on the floor.

1:23 - Was just informed that the session schedule was changed to start at 1:30. Since that it is less than 10 minutes away, and the 10 minute bells haven't sounded yet, don't hold your breath waiting for this to start on time.

1:06 - They haven't even sounded the bells to let members know they will be needed on the floor within 10 minutes, so I'm not sure when the session is going to go off. However, the last report (roughly 30 minutes ago) said that the Rs don't have the votes to pass the budget. However, the situation is fluid and may change by the time they gavel the session into order. I expect that to happen soon - the Senate gallery is filling up and there is activity on the Senate floor (pages bringing in and setting up members' computers, representatives of the MSM have started taking their positions, Senate staffers are wandering around, etc.)

The delay in the start of the floor session could cause a delay in the start of the meeting of Senate Appropriations where they are expected to hear a striker to reauthorize the payday loan industry.

Updates in a few minutes...

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