Monday, March 08, 2010

Live Blogging Senate Appropriations - Regular Session

4:01 - Passing SB1419, correcting a dental hygienist bill from last session. I am out of here.

3:38 - Voting on measure. Aboud expressing doubts about measure's vagueness, votes no; Aguirre votes yes, hoping language is clarified; S Allen thinks this is a great bill, votes yes; Braswell also thinks this is "excellent" and votes yes; Gould votes yes but thinks that Senate won't obey the measure anyway; Harper votes yes; Melvin votes yes; Pearce thinks this is great, votes yes. Passes 7 - 1, 1 not voting.

3:35 - It's apparent that the Senators don't know how this bill would apply, or don't want to talk about it. Sen. Aguirre is worried about school districts; Sen. Aboud is concerned with unclear language in the measure. Burns' doubletalk pace is increasing.

3:31 - Rs on the committee using this measure as an opportunity to decry the use of any debt instruments to fund government, yet don't mention how their never-ending quest for corporate tax cuts has forced the state and its agencies to turn to debt.

3:27 - Clarification from staff - the measure would not apply to "political subdivisions" (counties, etc.) but would apply to higher ed.

3:25 - Burns' measure is meant to reduce the state's debt level for all sorts of debt instruments (bonds, etc.). Includes K-12.

3:24 - Burns says that state has $4.3 billion in debt right now; c0unties, municipalities, school districts, etc. have more.

3:20 - SCR1060 - fact sheet here. Bob Burns speaking in favor of his proposal.

3:19 (later in the same minute) - meeting gavelled into order. SCR1060 (changing the state's debt limit) up first.

3:19 p.m. - The meeting is about to start - most of the senators are here and in their seats.

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