Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Live blogging Senate Natural Resources

10:12 - Landrum calls the issue one of fairness and votes aye. Passes unanimously. Adjourned.

10:10 - Consider amendment to make the change retroactive to tax year 2010. Some confusion if amendment is OK as written. After discussion, it is determined to be fine. Adopted.

10:09 - SB1005, tax deduction adjustment for out of state filers.

10:08 - SB1004 passes unanimously. This train is now running on time.

10:08 - Adopt technical amendment.

10:07 - SB1004, repayment of lottery bonds.

10:07 - Passes unanimously.

10:06 - Adopting a technical amendment by voice vote.

10:03 - SB1003 - Lottery revenue bonding and sale/leaseback of state assets.

10:02 - No debate, passes unanimously.

10:01 - SB1002 - Education funding payment rollovers.

10:00 - No debate. Vote starts. Passes unanimously.

9:59 - SB1001 - special election in May. Senate President Burns walks in and talks to a staffer. Not close enough to overhear. :(

9:56 - No debate. Roll call started. Aguirre votes no, citing impact on poor families. Sylvia Allen and Hale aye, Landrum-Taylor cites the impact of deep cuts to services, votes aye; Melvin says he is voting aye in committee but hints that he will vote against it on the floor; Pierce votes aye; Nelson, the chair, votes aye because it is a referral to the voters. Passes 6 - 1.

9:55 - SCR1001, sales tax referral.

9:53 - Gavelled into session.

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