Saturday, January 09, 2010

Word of the day: Irony

A quick hit, because this was just too good to pass up on...

From's AZ/DC blog -

Sen. John McCain this week launched his first re-election radio ads of the 2010 race, declaring that he is "Arizona's last line of defense" in the battle against President Barack Obama's liberal agenda.


Not lost on any observers is the fact that McCain's paid political announcements inject his point of view onto the airwaves of conservative Phoenix radio station KFYI
(550 AM), where former Rep. J.D. Hayworth, R-Ariz., attacks him on a seemingly constant basis. Hayworth, who hosts an afternoon drive-time program, repeatedly has said he is considering a challenge to McCain in the Aug. 24 Republican primary.
So who wins the irony war here? McCain because he is using his putative challenger's own soapbox to get out his message? Or Hayworth because his potential target is providing revenue to his radio show and by doing so, creating even more buzz about the possible race than there had be previously?

This stuff won't help either one in the general election - few Independents and fewer Democrats listen to Hayworth's gabbing, and fewer still are actually influenced by it. Of course, at this point both are focused on just winning the R primary.

Rodney Glassman for Senate. He'll work for the entire state, not just the teabaggers.


Thane Eichenauer said...

I'll mention that the only officially declared Democratic candidate for US Senate is Rudy Garcia

Eli Blake said...

What has John McCain done specifically for Arizona in the quarter century he's been on Capitol Hill?

Other Senators help their state, but we have an economic basket case here in AZ and a Senator who is more worried about having a national profile than he is about what is going on back home. He was a carpetbagger to begin with so I suppose we shouldn't be surprised.

You're right, Glassman is the only candidate who makes sense and is committed to actually trying to address Arizona's concerns instead of worrying about national issues at the expense of our state.

Thane Eichenauer said...

Apart from his exploring a campaign I think that Rudy Garcia has a better position on US overseas military misadventures than (who as best I can determine has none).