Wednesday, December 30, 2009

OK - anybody want to trade an Archie for a Calvin and Hobbes?

I am not a stamp guy, but I may just get me some of these...

The Postal Service has announced its 2010 Stamp Program, and among the usual "dreck" (Mother Teresa, monarch butterfly, Kate Smith, etc.) is one outright gem - Sunday Funnies.

And the Gem of the gems? Calvin and Hobbes. It ran for a little more than 10 years while the others in the set (Archie, Dennis the Menace, Beetle Bailey, and Garfield) ran (or still run) for 30 years or more. Still, it was the most brilliantly written non-political strip ever, entertaining and inspiring kids and adults alike, even a decade-and-a-half after Bill Watterson stopped penning new entries in the series.

After the set goes on sale in July, anything I have to mail is going to have a comic strip stamp on it.

For months. :)

BTW - In case you couldn't tell, the word "dreck", used earlier in this post, is nothing more than sarcasm used to express my sheer joy over the C&H stamp. Mother Teresa, Kate Smith, Tom Mix, and the rest of the honorees on next year's stamp issues are not "dreck-y" in any way, shape or form. In fact, most of them are extremely worthy of respect and honor for their life's accomplishments.

They just aren't Calvin and Hobbes.


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Zelph said...

I agree. Calvin and Hobbes is the greatest comic ever. The Far Side is a close second. Can't wait for the stamps.