Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Interesting search terms

Just checking my site stats, and came across this entry:
Country United States
Region Florida
City Tallahassee
ISP Florida Department Of State
Given that this is a political blog, hits from offices of state governments aren't unheard of, though normally most of those come from AZ government offices.

What was really eye-catching were the search terms that they used when they hit this blog -

Ignoring the poor spelling for the moment (it's "secretly" folks), why would the Florida Secretary of State's office want to record a church meeting, secretly or otherwise?

It turns out that the current Florida Secretary of State, Kurt S. Browning, has been known for playing a little fast and loose with the law, particularly in regard to election law, but this seems to be over the top, even for him.

On the other hand, Mr. Browning is known as a religious man, so perhaps the issue isn't what he wants to record secretly in a church, but what was secretly recorded in his church. If he said something in a church meeting that he doesn't want out there as public information, he could be looking for a way to block the release of the info.

Either way (and I'm not sure which it is), the situation doesn't cast a complimentary light on this particular GOPer.

Something tells me that in the new year, I'll be checking news from Florida between screaming matches in the AZ lege...

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