Thursday, December 17, 2009

Legislative Republicans: Still more interested in partisanship than in professionalism

They are sure to gripe that their Democratic counterparts are the hyperpartisan ones, that they are engaging in dilatory tactics for no good reason (no, the Rs don't think that legislators and the public having time to read the bills before the lege is a good reason), but they "doth protest too much."

The proof is in the numbers.

From SB1001 of the Fifth Special Session -

General Fund cuts and fund sweeps from the Attorney General's office: $8,195,500.

GF cuts and fund sweeps from the House, Senate, and the other constitutional offices (Governor, Treasurer, Superintendent of Public Ed, Secretary of State, and Mine Inspector): $2,153,000.

In other words, the Democrat-occupied AG's office is taking a hit that is more than 3.8 times larger than the other constitutional officers and the House and Senate.

Even when adding in cuts to two agencies under control of the lege, the Auditor General and Joint Legislative Budget Committee ($1.34 million and $200K, respectively), that ratio stays above 2.2X.

Bottom line - the Governor and the Republican leadership in the lege still don't take this stuff seriously.

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