Thursday, November 19, 2009

Time to negotiate *for* the lege's Republicans

Yup, time to contact some local hospitals and see if we can get a group rate for 53 admissions for "cranio-rectal dislodgement surgery."

And if you can't figure out what that's a euphemism for, you aren't enough of a wiseass to enjoy this blog. :)

From -
What was expected to be a quick special session to cut $300 million from the state budget collapsed early Thursday afternoon when the Republicans fell one vote short of the needed majority.

The Senate adjourned until Monday, when it is expected there will be enough members present to pass the cuts.

The drama turned on Sen. Thayer Verschoor, R-Gilbert, who was missing as the vote neared on a bill that would cut $300 million from education and health and welfare spending. Verschoor was widely believed to support the cuts, but he objected to other policy shifts the Legislature was making in its special session.
Verschoor skipped the vote because of language that allows state agencies to raise fees to offset some of the lege's cuts.


In other news, Republican Ron Gould voted against the budget, because he votes against everything, and Chuck Gray voted against it so that he could move to reconsider the vote. He did, the motion was approved, and they'll be back to "try, try again" on Monday.

The House didn't vote on anything on Thursday.

See you all Monday...

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Eli Blake said...

Time to negotiate *for* the lege's Republicans?

What can I offer them to all just resign?