Monday, November 23, 2009

Ray Barnes: making Sylvia Allen look like an intellectual stalwart

The video isn't up yet, but the reports are (Tedski at R-Cubed here; Jen at Mindless Mumblings of a Martyr Mom here).

State Representative Ray Barnes (R-LD7) had a meltdown of epic proportions during Monday's meeting of the House of Representatives.

He started by talking about how during the good ol' days when he went to school and there was just a principal, with an English teacher serving as assistant principal. Now, there are vice prinicipals of discipline and gym class and whatever, including separate vice principals for the boys and girls' restrooms, separate unless they've found a bisexual principal, then that person could supervise both restrooms.

None of this is an exact quote (and won't be until the video of the meeting is posted), but I'm not making this up.

Barnes' rant was jaw-droppingly ignorant to the point of embarassing me as an Arizonan.

He actually has made State Senator Sylvia Allen of "the Earth is 6000 years old" fame look like a member of the intellectual elites.

A somewhat surprising accomplishment for someone heretofore best known for some rather Neanderthal attitudes toward women.


Eli Blake said...

Maybe they can build a restroom for Senator Barnes that he can share with Vic 'the bladder.'

cpmaz said...

Republicans and restrooms.

Not a visual that is appropriate for a prim and proper family friendly blog.

Of course, no one has ever accused this blog of being "prim and proper." LOL