Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Breaking news: Obama speaks to students, world doesn't end

...though I'm sure some students will disagree when they hear their parents say "You heard the President - do your homework!" :)

Detroit Free Press coverage here.

Fox23.com (Tulsa, OK) coverage here.

ABC News coverage here.

And for the "world not ending" coverage, visit NASA.gov multimedia page here. I recommend the live space station video with pictures of the Earth.

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Eli Blake said...

What I think is even funnier is the conservatives who just a few days ago were doing everything they could to get kids to not watch the President's speech, now saying that they should go back and read it.

But hey, how did they know he was going to give a conservative speech? They look like fools now, at least Tom Horne and Newt Gingrich admit it.