Tuesday, September 08, 2009

AZ Republic headline seeks to brighten the day of Republicans

From AZCentral.com -
10,000 working parents in Arizona to lose health insurance

Nearly 10,000 working parents will lose their health insurance this month in the wake of state budget cuts, leaving some families with nowhere to turn as they seek affordable coverage.

KidsCare Parents, a program that provides low-income families with inexpensive insurance, will end Sept. 30.

This will brighten the day of Reps, particularly those in the lege and the Governor's office, because they know that some of the parents affected by the budget cuts that ended KidsCare Parents *will* find a way to buy private insurance, even if it means skimping on other expenses (like food, clothing, and shelter, you know, stuff that isn't really necessary).

Those Reps can now look forward to their rewards - campaign contributions and nice pats on the head - from their masters in the corporate health insurance industry.

Masters who have millions of dollars' worth of bonuses and stock options to fund.


Eli Blake said...

Of course, it is 10,000 WORKING parents.

There are some ways they could get health insurance:

They could be laid off and qualify again for medicaid.

They could commit a crime and get medical care in prison.

Obamacare might pass with an option that would pick them up and put them into a public plan.

See? Republicans only need to think a little outside the box, there are ways they could get insurance.

Thane Eichenauer said...

Eli Blake identifies two of the perverse incentives government creates.

I can only hope that nobody pursues them although goodness knows that a few will.

I imagine these 10,000 people would be in a bit better position if the US government weren't paying $10 billion dollars a month to maintain the Iraq occupation but somehow I have yet to hear ending the occupation as a worthwhile idea.