Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wednesday's Senate floor session - via webcast

11:11 - I've got stuff to do. I'll check in later...

11:01 - It's 11:00. Do you know where your Senate is? 'Cuz it sure ain't at work...

10:42 - Still no activity. Probably not going to happen at 10:45.

10:28 - A call to the Senate information desk. Told that the "they're running a little late" (no kidding :) ), and that the meeting will start closer to 10:45.

10:24 - Still nada. Even for a body that is as notoriously "flexible" on the meaning of "on time" as the Senate, this is bad.

AZBlueMeanie at Blog for Arizona opines here, that despite Tedski's reported rumor, the Reps still don't have the votes to pass their budget.

10:20 - OK, nothing is happening right now, at least not within view of the cameras.

10:06 - Can't afford the time to head downtown today, though if the rumor that Tedski has reported is true and a Democrat has been peeled off to be a 16th vote for the Reps' horribly irresponsible budget, I might try to squeeze in a trip to watch the goings-on in the House over this.

Right now, there is some activity on the Senate floor, but no meeting as yet.

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