Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Senate floor session finally in session

1:22 - The late, great, Molly Ivins was once fired from the NY Times for referring to a Georgia chicken festival as a "gang pluck." I don't answer to an editor here, so I won't get in trouble for referring to the Senate as a "Georgia chicken festival."

1:21 - Senate in recess.

1:20 - I think he is trying to substitute SB1029 for HB2015. Ruled out of order.

1:18 - Harper trying something.

1:17 - HB2015 fails 14 - 11.

1:15 - Burns making a last-ditch attempt to get votes. 13 - 11, without his vote yet.

1:12 - 9 Senators haven't voted yet. Some aren't present yet, but even if they were, only four might vote for it, and that includes Miranda.

1:10 - Tibshraeny criticizes Dems for not offering amendments to lock in funds for Education during COW, neglecting to mention that his party always kills Dem amendments.

1:08 - As of the last time the tally was shown on camera, Miranda hasn't voted. Though even with his vote, they probably won't have enough.

1:06 - Rios responds to Leff by calling the bills "disingenuous" because there is no guarantee that tax hike revenues won't be used to backfill further tax cuts for businesses and the wealthy, or other funding cuts to Education.

1:05 - Leff criticizing Democrats as not supportive of Education for not supporting the tax package. Vote still stuck at 11-10.

12:59 - Still holding the vote open at 11 -10. They need 16 to pass it.

12:57 - Gould is full of it, and himself, but he's *so* full of it that he's actually on the right side of this. Even if that position was achieved by accident.

12:54 - I'm not sure, but I don't think that they have the votes for this one.

12:53 - immediate vote, no debate.

12:52 - Motion passes. HB2015 up for consideration.

12:51 - Gould moves that HB2015 "be immediately third read." Not sure what this means. Apparently they aren't either, as there is a whispered conference at the president's desk.

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