Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Senate back on the floor

2:53 - Going into COW for SB1025. Recess until they get the script written.

2:52 - HB2012 passes.

2:45 - HB2012, Higher Ed BRB. Holding the vote open again. For Gorman, Again.

2:42 - Passes. Finally.

2:40 - HB2011, K-12 Education BRB. Apparently, Burns has embraced his inner Mussolini, because this railroad is running on schedule again. Though Pam Gorman is doing her level best to show her displeasure by withholding her votes until long after the others have voted.

2:35 - HB2010, criminal justice BRB. Passes.

2:32 - HB2009, sale of certain state properties BRB. Passes.

2:30 - HB2008, General Government BRB. Passes with 16 votes.

2:29 - Passes with 16 votes.

2:24 - HB2006, General Appropriations up for vote. I think this is actually just the June 30 budget that was mostly vetoed on July 1.

2:23 - SB1029 fails 15 - 10.

2:22 - Pearce refers to the federal government as "a gangster government."

2:20 - I think that they're waiting for Carolyn Allen.

2:18 - Rios laying into the Republicans for their failures.

2:16 - Burton Cahill wonders how long board will be held open. Burns says that they are waiting for a member who is 10 minutes away.

2:15 - Wonder if the rotator cuffs of Miranda, Gould, and Gorman will be frayed after today.

2:12 - Still holding the vote open at 14 - 8

2:07 - Third read of SB1029. Vote at 14 - 8 and hold, Miranda, Gould, and Gorman not voting yet. If one of them flips, it passes (with Burns' vote)

2:06 - will vote on SB1029, exchange with House bills except for one.

2:05 - Burns calling Senate back into session


Jen said...

Burns likes to lick his lips a little too much when he's on his mic.

Jen said...

This is a joke. Wake up, Arizona! This is what you get when you don't pay attention to who you're voting for....