Monday, August 10, 2009

Senate Approps

3:29 - HB2015 vote. Aguirre - "this is a sad day for education." No. Gould objects to amendments on short notice. Votes no. Harper cites his previous committments, and predicts trouble getting House passage. Votes yes. Pearce cites teabaggers and big spending, and predicts ballot question will fail. Passes 6 - 3 again. Adjourned.

3:29 - Bill moved and amended.

3:27 - HB2015 up for consideration. TABOR, Voter Protection Act suspension, corporate income tax reduction.

3:25 - Bill amended. Voting on new bill. Hale here. Bill passes, 6 -3, Dems and Gould opposed,

3:23 - HB2007 moved. Amendment moved.

3:22 - Democrat Aguirre here, Rios' stuff has made an appearance, so she is probably on her way.

3:20 - going over the bills, and a Pearce amendment to repeal state equalization tax.

3:18 - Into order. Aboud absent and excused due to family issues.

3:19 - No Democrats present yet.

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