Monday, August 24, 2009

Arizonans: Here's how to get the Republicans in the legislature to listen to us

This is awesome in its simplicity and directness...

The likes of Jack Harper, Ron Gould, Pam Gorman and most of the rest of the GOPers in the lege have made it clear that the voices they hear clearest are not those of their constituents or of Arizonans in general, so we have to do something drastic to get them to listen to us.

Tonight, like a bolt of lightning during an Arizona monsoon that reaches out to strike a tree, inspiration reached out to me.

...wait for it...

We should all just change our names to "Grover Norquist."

Legal name change forms for Arizona can be found here.

Other legislative news:

...The Huppenthal verdict is scheduled to be handed down on Tuesday, probably at 4 p.m (or thereabouts).'s Political Insider is reporting that the Governor and the leaders of the two caucuses in the Senate met Monday evening to attempt to work out some kind of a budget deal that would end with a referral of a sales tax increase to the voters.

...From the Joint Legislative Budget Committee - a summary of the budget bills (BRBs) that were transmitted to the Governor, and a summary of the numbers of that budget. The Governor has yet to sign most of it yet.

...The lege floor sessions are scheduled for Tuesday at 1 p.m., but that is subject to change if they can actually work out some kind of a deal.

No word on whether the Senate will recess Tuesday's session of the Senate to allow Huppenthal the time to attend to his court case.


Candyman said...

Why would you suggest that those folks listen to Grover Norquist and not their constituents? Have you ever met their constituents? They actually believe in lower taxes and stuff like that, old-fashioned as those things may be.

The more interesting question would be if you hung a dollar bill on a string, could you get Randy Pullen to abandon all of his ideals and principles? Or only those of claiming to be for lower taxes and smaller government?

Linda said...

Love it! Thanks for the smile! ;-)

cpmaz said...

Candyman - I've been at the lege many times this year, and have witnessed the Reps complain about the emails and phone calls to their offices. I've also witnessed a number of them also cite that pledge to an out-of-state lobbyist as their guiding principle for their votes.

I haven't seen any of them cite the oaths they swore when they entered office.

It's so bad that Jack Harper openly admitted on the floor of the Senate that he emailed Norquist for permission to vote for a sales tax referral.

In the AZ Constitution, the only real duty the lege is given is to produce a balanced budget.

At what point are they going to step back from the anti-government precipice and just do their jobs?

Thane Eichenauer said...

Can't we just buy a name tag and write Grover Norquist on it?