Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Quick update - budget

Well, the budget may or may not pass tonight.

Update: Change that to will NOT pass tonight. Apparently, they've adjourned until tomorrow. Legislators have been told to change their vacation and other plans.

The motivation to get it done soon is two-fold -

1. There is a deadline, Friday, for passage of any referendum questions to make it to the ballot in November.

2. They don't think that they'll have a quorum, much less the votes to pass a GOP-authored package, after tonight. Too many legislators have made plans to be out of the state this weekend.

Of course, the Senate may not have the votes even tonight.'s Political Insider is reporting that Sen. Ron Gould (R-Freon Freedom Now!) has already said that he won't support referring a tax increase to the ballot.

And given that only 24 Senators answered the roll call today, Senate President Burns et. al. are going to need all of the votes that they can get.

I recommend visiting the lege website's streaming video page and watching the (in)action from the comfort of your home.

While you are waiting for them the jump back on the railroad train to Third World status for Arizona, for your reading pleasure -

HB2006, General Appropriations - text, fact sheet
HB2007, General Revenues BRB - text, fact sheet
HB2008, General Government BRB - text, fact sheet
HB2009, Assets BRB - text, fact sheet
HB2010, Criminal Justice BRB - text, fact sheet
HB2011, K-12 Education BRB - text, fact sheet
HB2012, Higher Ed BRB - text, fact sheet
HB2013, Health and Welfare BRB - text, fact sheet
HB2014, Environment BRB - text, fact sheet
HB2015, Taxes, Budget Stabilization - text (no text available online yet), fact sheet

I have to work tomorrow, so I'll be reading the updates instead of writing them.


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