Monday, July 06, 2009

Final? Senate floor session for the day...

6:20 - Actually, they're doing some procedural stuff relating to the recess, but the upshot is, they're done until next Monday.

6:18 - Senate recesses until next Monday.

6:17 - HB2004, per diems. Passes unanimously. Huppenthal calls this budget "an empty promise" and voted aye.

6:13 - HB2003 passes unanimously.

6:12 - Verschoor votes, but Pearce hasn't done so.

6:10 - Steve Pierce criticizes members who are present and not voting. He states that he is "putting his political career on the line" to do the right thing, and wonders why certain members aren't doing the same. Pearce shows up.

6:07 - HB2003, Health and welfare BRB, Verschoor not voting, Burns holding vote open.

6:06 - HB2002, K-12 BRB, passes unanimously.

6:03 - HB2001, Ed appropriations, passes unanimously. Looks like Russell Pearce has bugged out. Linda Lopez expresses concerns, but supports the bill.

5:59 - House bills substituted.

5:57 - Looks like the House bills are here. At least, the pages are passing out stuff.

5:54 - Burns announces that the House bills are on their way over...

5:46 - Waiting for House to vote Third Read; once that is complete, their bills will be sent over here and exchanged/substituted.

5:44 - SB1016 passes COW unamended. COW over.

5:43 - SB1015 passes COW unamended.

5:43 - SB1014 passes COW unamended.

5:42 - SB1013 passes COW unamended.

5:40 - Meeting into order. Going into COW. Leff as chair of COW.

5:39 - Well, the 10-minute bell sounded off like, oh, eight minutes ago. Senators starting to stroll in.

5:16 - Can't hear the conversation, but Harper is on the phone to the MIA Gould, who is presumed to be back home profiting from the heat in Lake Havasu (Gould owns an AC business there.)

The floor is still pretty quiet, though...

5:06 - There is a bit of a delay since the Senate Dems were still caucusing at the end of the Rep caucus, but this intermission should end within 10 - 15 minutes.

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Thane Eichenauer said...

Don't forget that Senator Gould may well be helping to close the State of Arizona budget deficit 5.6% at a time (presuming he sells at least one air conditioner while he is away).

Go Senator Ron Gould!