Monday, July 13, 2009

Brewer's bill dispositions: mostly bad

Updated on 7/14 with dispositions of certain bills, courtesy this piece

Her dispositions of the last group of bills sent her by the lege consisted mostly of signing bad bills, but there were a few nuggets of good work among the pile of road apples sent to her.

The summary of all of her dispositions (signing, vetoing, transmitting w/o signature) can be found here. It's updated as of 3:30 p.m on Monday.

Among the highlights of the vetoes:

HB2258, relating to consumer fireworks; vetoed for safety reasons

SB1017, relating to the creation of specialty license plates supporting MS research, the Masons, hunger relief and children's cancer research; vetoed because of "flawed" wording

HB2369, which would have allowed the legislature to seize and reappropriate "non-custodial" federal monies (such as block grants)

Among the lowlights (aka - the bad bills) that she signed into law:

HB2101, a bill to force Pinal County to change the size of its Board of Supervisors from three to five members. It was going to happen soon anyway because of Pinal's growth, but there is a Republican former legislator who wants back in an elected office of one sort or another, so the Rep caucus in the lege accelerated the process.

HB2396, compelling ADOT to establish and enter into "public-private partnerships" for the construction of toll roads and other "eligible facilities"

HB2564, adding all sorts of restrictions to abortion access; coverage here

HB2400, redefining "partial birth abortions" and increasing the criminal penalties for the performance of a partial birth abortion...something that is already illegal under federal law

SB1113, the guns in bars and restaurants bill; coverage here

Status unclear as of this writing:

HB2103, to allow the state treasurer to bypass the state attorney general and hire outside counsel for legal advice. Also known (by me, anyway :) ) as the "Dean Martin doesn't like Terry Goddard" bill

HB2288, creates a larger tax credit (for insurers) who make donations to school tuition organization and eliminates the sunset date for the existing corporate tax credit for STO contributions

SB1022, usurping local ordinances regarding "tampering" with political signs - Vetoed

SB1123, forcing Tucson to hold non-partisan elections, aka Jonathan Paton's scheme to see more Republicans win office in Tucson's municipal elections

SB1168, the NRA's bill to allow guns in cars on other people's private property

SB1175, prohibiting someone who is not "an osteopathic or allopathic physician" from performing an abortion

SB1243, the NRA's "defensive display" of guns bill

My expectation for the "no info yet" category of bills is that most were signed into law, especially given that most are bad bills. I just haven't found any reports on those yet.

More tomorrow, especially details on the other bills...

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