Monday, June 29, 2009

Live blogging the Senate floor session...

1:48 - Gould demands a roll call vote on the last. Moved that the COW record show that HB2572 failed. Carolyn Allen actually supports this because of lack of support for tax for education. Failed 8 - 17. HB2572 still proceeding.

1:44 - Still HB2572. Pearce opposing. He objects to helping Tucson. Calls it a "plunder" of the taxpayers, giving money to sports teams. Apparently, he likes giving taxpayer money only to non-sports corporations. Passes 18 - 7. COW session ends.

1:41 - HB2572, sports authority districts (aka - spring training in Tucson bill). Gould opposing, objects to even sending this to the voters. Jorge Luis Garcia supporting, because it *is* a referral to the voters.

1:39 - After 1st read and assignment of bills to committee (all to Rules), going into COW to amend bills; Waring is the chair of the COW session.

1:30 - Harper calls for standing firm on the original budget. Again (he did it twice during Senate Appropriations).

1:29 - A Democrat, Landrum-Taylor, introduced a teacher.

1:28 - Other Republican senators shamelessly doing the same.

1:27 - Gorman introducing some of the teachers that she wants to put out of work.

1:25 - Gould is ranting about socialized medicine in Canada.

1:21 - session gavelled into order, prayer and pledge of allegiance. Taking attendance. 26 present, 2 absent, 2 excused.

1:14 - Senators gathering, but no meeting yet. Press gaggle around Pearce on the floor. Gould and Sylvia Allen talking in the middle of the floor, as are Burns and Leff. Huppenthal on the phone.

1:00 The session was supposed to start at 1, but it hasn't. Not shocking that, as "Senate time" means "the scheduled time, give or take four hours." However, there is some pre-session setup activity going on, so it should be 15 minutes or so.

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RsMantra said...

Sen. Gould is throwing down. Kind of reminds me of West Side Story with people tied to gether without use of their left hands.