Monday, June 29, 2009

Live blogging Senate Education

7:57 - SB1475 passes on a party line vote. And I am out of here. Good night everyone.

7:56 - Lopez reminds Huppenthal that almost no Democratic bills have moved.

7:51 - SB1475, criminal justice. Includes sale of prisons to private operators.

7:46 - SB1474. Landrum Taylor calls this year's budget process "extremely disappointing." Lopez actually votes "aye" on this one. Huppenthal criticizes Dems for "stabbing him in the back" on another bill. Bill passes.

Things are getting testy, in a "the kids are getting tired" sort of way.

7:43 - SB1473 passes. Party line vote again.

Aboud criticizes Reps for short notice on the budget.

Huppenthal criticizes the Dems for not signing on to the Republican budget.

7:41 - still talking about the details of SB1473

7:38 - SB1473, among other things, affecting development fees.

7:35 - SB1471 vote. Bill passes on a party line vote. Pattern set. Expect the rest of these bills to go the same way.

7:33 - Aboud amendment moved. It would modify some definitions and grandfather in already enrolled domestic partners in state employee insurance coverage. Trying to fix Matt Heinz' mistake in House Approps on Saturday. Amendment fails on a voice vote.

7:30 - SB1471 continuing. Childcare providers worried about new fee provisions in the bill.

7:25 - SB1471, health and welfare.

7:21 - SB1470, feeder bill, up for a vote. Gray is here. Bill passes on a party line vote. Gray, Huppenthal, Paton, Allen - Yes; Landrum Taylor, Lopez, Aboud - No.

Huppenthal started talking about protecting small business. Yes folks, he's running statewide next year.

7:16 - Aboud is here.

7:15 - Gray's "stuff" here, but no Gray, yet.

7:13 - Meeting starts. Linda Gray and Paula Aboud not present. No Gray could make passage of the Rep budget "compromise" problematical.

6:57 - The Committee is not going to start right at 7, but it looks like it will be commencing soon enough for me to stay.

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Thane Eichenauer said...

This is great coverage of the legislature. If I weren't paying for the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan and South Korea I would be able and willing to pay for this.