Monday, June 15, 2009

Just when you think that another state had overtaken AZ for the title of "Most Dysfunctional"...

...good ol' Jan Brewer comes through like the trooper that she is...

Up in New York, the Reps and Dems in the state senate there are creating all sorts of havoc over who is in charge of the state senate - the Dems were in charge, then two of members of their caucus switched sides, giving the Reps control, and now at least one of the Dems has switched back, leaving the body tied and without a lieutenant governor to break ties (they had one, but he's governor now).

Yup, it's gotten pretty bad there, so bad that they came within a hair's-breadth of dethroning Arizona's government as the most dysfunctional in the country.

They failed in that quest (as if that title is something anyone would "quest" for) because of three things -

1. They have a state budget. We've got 15 days between us and a government shutdown.

2. They may have some silliness going on, but at least it's bipartisan. Unlike AZ, both Democrats and Republicans are heavily involved.

3. We have Jan Brewer, Bob Burns, and Kirk Adams, and simply put, they don't.

To whit, from an piece -
Gov. Jan Brewer blasted legislative leaders for their refusal to send her a series of budget bills, and threatened to file a lawsuit if she doesn't have the GOP spending plan by 5 p.m. Monday.

Senate President Bob Burns and House Speaker Kirk Adams, meanwhile, were caught off guard by Brewer's demands. They said they have no plans to send Brewer the budget, and contended that the threat of legal action would only slow negotiations.

“Frankly, what it does is raise the specter of a government shutdown,” said Adams, R-Mesa.
Stay tuned...

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