Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sometimes good things come to those who do good works

Yeah, I know that sounds vaguely Biblical or something, but in this case, it's accurate.

My sister Patti is in D.C. working behind the scenes on the Face Of America Bike Ride. One of the people associated with the organization knows an usher at the White House, and was able to arrange a private tour of The White House for her, her son, and two of his friends.
While they didn't meet President Obama, they did get to see parts of the White House that aren't on the normal tour, and were even able to sit on some of the furniture (yup, it's cheesy touristy, but still wayyyyyyy cool. :) )

And yes, I'm just a little envious. The only special thing I was able to do this week was to spend an hour and a half with the Governor and assorted, sordid, Republicans (more on that in my next post).
Here are some pics of the visit to the White House, with a couple of pics thrown in of memorials...
Walking up the main driveway...

This is where FDR had his fireside chats

The kitchen

Tribute to nurses in Vietnam

This is as close as she came to meeting the President :))

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