Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Repost - Face Of America Bike Ride

After today's repost of the D17 Chili Cook Off! notice, my sister Cori thought that reposting this would be a good idea, too...
PSA time, but with a family twist.

An email from my sister Cori -

Help Support World TEAM Sports!

Hello Everyone!

For all y'all who haven't been stuck riding with me on my little "training excursions", I'd like to tell you about an organization worthy of supporting, and of course, ask you to pitch in a few bucks (a $10 can REALLY add up!) to help support their initiatives.

Check out World TEAM Sports:
www.worldteamsports.org - the 2009 Face of America ride is coming up in just a few weeks, and yes, I will be riding....(and YES you are INVITED!!!) - and for those who cannot attend, this is when I ask you to help support the ride through donations...I've watched how this event helps newly-injured soldiers regain hope that they can still accomplish great things despite their injuries, and for me personally it helps me learn to appreciate those abilities I do have rather than focusing on those I don't, as well as greatly expanding my appreciation of what these soldiers have personally sacrificed for honor and country.

So, please click on the link below to donate (and thank you!!!)


If you are interested in coming, please shoot me an email as well....

Thanks again!!!!!!!!

She can be reached at corim[at]ecollege.com

The ride will take place over a weekend (April 24 - 26) with the participants riding from Bethesda, Maryland to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. (Full itinerary and more info here)

World T.E.A.M. (The Exceptional Athlete Matters) Sports brings individuals together to undertake unique athletic events throughout the world to encourage, promote, and develop opportunities in sports for people, with and without disabilities. It does a *lot* of work with disabled veterans.

No matter what your political persuasion, this is a worthy cause. Give it a look-see, and if you are able to, donate some time or financial resources (aka - money :) ).

Note: This event has turned into a bit of a family affair. In addition to my sister Cori riding in the event, nephew Liam is riding, sister Patti helping to organize accomodations and with other logistics, and stepmom Sherry is volunteering with the medical team.

The event is this weekend, so please give soon.


P.S. - My sister Patti is already in D.C. helping to prepare for the ride, and she had a really cool opportunity that most tourists don't ever get. Cool enough to skip give up tickets to the Braves-Nationals game to participate, which means it's really cool (she's an even bigger baseball fan than I am.)

I'll post pics and a story when it's available (she's posting it on Facebook first.)


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