Wednesday, April 01, 2009

New candidate in LD8

The candidate is a Republican, but since I've had all day to either sleep or be awake and bored and/or miserable, it's worth a post.

According the AZ Secretary of State's website, one Eric Ulis has filed to run for the Republican nomination for LD8 State Representative (filer ID 201000082). He's formed a committee as a non-Clean Elections candidate.

Ulis was the chair of an anti-anti-smoking referendum that failed to make the 2006 ballot (I-17-2006). He's also the founder of something called Continental Poker Championship LLC.

...I'm guessing that he is not a huge fan of anti-online gambling Senator and fellow Republican Jon Kyl.

The highlight of my internet search for info on Mr. Ulis was his Facebook page in which he proclaims that his favorite musical artist is George Michael.

...Probably something that he will play down during his campaign. Especially with Mr. Michaels' penchant for getting arrested in public restrooms...something that the Reps have had their own problems with, and probably don't want to be reminded of. :)

Tedski, Gila Courier (and here), Espresso Pundit, and the Phoenix New Times all have posts up about other 2010 candidates.

Would it be immodest to point out that I was there first?? Well, except for EP's Symington and Gila Courier's McCain primary challenge rumors. :)

BTW - If the Symington rumor is true, that would be manna from heaven for Democrats.


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