Tuesday, March 17, 2009

AZ Senate doing its level best to protect us from...Themselves?

From the AZ Rep's Political Insider blog -
Senate President Bob Burns again issued his weekly "just say no bills" message. That is, no bills until the budget is done. Whenever that is.
Burns has issued an edict that the Senate won't hear any bills other than budget-related ones until the budget is done.

Until then, the worst of the anti-choice, anti-immigrant, and anti-poor and middle class Arizonan bills will just pass through the House and sit. Waiting for the Senate to get to work.

If Burns sticks to his announced plan, look for late June to be hell on the state as the Senate flushes out every bit of ugliness in the legislative pipeline.

I say June because either the lege will put some kind of tax increase/repeal of the Voter Protection Act out to a special election, hence delaying serious consideration of budget matters until after that, or they won't, and hence will spend the next three months fighting over where to cut human services, education, and corporate taxes in AZ the deepest.

So, unintended though it may be, Burns and the Senate are actually helping the people of AZ the most by doing nothing, and we should encourage them to continue along this path.


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